Health is the best wealth

Health is a very costly word. Health is defined as the sound functioning of the body and the mind. In this current era, health is an asset. People spend lots of money to stay in perfect health or if not perfect at least tolerable. In earlier day people tried to be in good health in order to earn money. Nowadays people are paying their good earned money to stay healthy. This is the irony of life. Health is a variance denotation of good function of the body. There are various levels of health. Health denotes to the functional metabolism efficiency of the living organism. A person is deemed healthy only if he is free from all forms of illness, sickness, pain, injuries and sound mind without tension. The healthy status is very difficult to attain with the living arrangement we have imposed on ourselves.

Diagnosis of health malfunction

If a person has any discomfort in his body, both internally and externally, the process of diagnosing, treatment and preventive measures taken to stop a disease is called as health care. Health care covers the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and recovery of a person from illness. Health care is very costly with the onset of new diseases in bay. Treatment from the diseases is very expensive and often it is not affordable to the common man. Health care is divided into 4 stages primary health care, secondary health care, tertiary health care and public health.

Without a health insurance card it is almost impossible to undergo treatments because of the cost of health care. Government is trying their best to provide health care comfort to the common man. All countries have different health care policies regarding the insurance and treatment procedures.

Health care industry contributes a large share in the economy of the country. Primary health care consists of general physicians, nurses, ambulance services and physiotherapists. The secondary health care and tertiary health care providers are the specialist in the medical field like the cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist, urologist etc. Tertiary health care are special inpatient in medical centers for severe chronic cases. Public health refers to treatment of epidemic and endemic in the country.
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