VA Secretary not want to wait for mental health care

In order to seek health care facilities Veterans immediate mental health care WHO for each request, he, the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Atlanta said Wednesday as fears Alabama neighbors The average time waiting too long to worry – ATLANTA. Robert McDonald told reporters at while in town for a conference for veterans who own business.

McDonalds Beef visit. After criticism of US Rep. Martha Roby of Montgomery average wait 67 days for an appointment in mental health care in Alabama health care system for former combatants in Central New federal statistics A test in June showed the expectation was. For 57 days the system has contested these figures due to incorrect date records. Roby, speaking on the House floor Tuesday, said no do not excuse the delay.

“But if, after all this time, we have not figured out how to properly plan the patient at the VA, we have problems worse than I thought,” said Said Republican congressman. “I do not expect to increase to improve magic night, but we should not go in the wrong direction.”

McDonald said the Atlanta VA Medical Center did not have time to wait for appointments mental health, added. “I want to get to be more reliable, this point in the whole country,” he said the VA work with universities to encourage people to work in mental health care. Also, I defend the work of the Agency in Alabama, where managers of the system was dismissed for dereliction of duty. a Commission Federal appeal upheld the firing last month.

“We know we have problems in Alabama,” said McDonald. “We have the leadership. We were looking for disciplinary action against the former leader. ”

The old Alabama health care system fighters Center serves nearly 42,000 veterans through major medical facilities in Montgomery and Tuskegee and clinics in Monroeville, Fort Rucker and Dothan, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia.