Different Types Of Hip Impingement

Hip impingement is one of the worst conditions faced by many people. It is caused due to the hip bones rub against one another without going smoothly. This problem occurred when the developing of the hip bone not formed properly in the childhood. Some of the symptoms are stiffness, pain and little range of motion. There are many kind of treatment are available for hip impingement and for some case they can cure the joint by arthroscopic surgery and in severe case they need to have hip replacement surgery. Many people have doubt about the hip impingement it is a condition for some people that there hip bone will not have a normal shape. The bones in the hip are not fit correctly and it rubs against each other which result in damage to the joint. For most of the people it will cause due to the improper development of hip bone at their child hood.

There are three types of hip impingement first one is pincer, second one is cam and the third one is combined. There are different treatments are available for different hip impingement. In early stages there is no pain in the hip and for many people they have this problem for number of years without their knowledge. Hip impingement treatment will vary from patient to patient. Depends on the pain and sever of the joint problem they will give treatment. In most cases the doctor will ask them to take rest, exercise or they ask them to take the anti-inflammatory or pain medicines. These treatments will not cure the patient then the doctor advises them to do the hip impingement surgery. In severe case they need to do the hip replacement surgery to improve the function of the hip which will cure the pain and the stiffness in the hip.