A health guardian angel

As the main economic policy and health care student at Harvard, Dr. Connie Chen trip to Kenya, Cambodia and Botswana to research in the field, and work with local health systems. Abroad, she noted that when few people had a computer, almost everyone has access to a mobile phone, which they not only used to communicate or access to information, but for payments mobile and public health had communication. Also available Where Were some physicians trained lay people often served as health workers play an important role in the treatment of patients.

Back in America, after (Connie parents, immigrants from Taiwan), a grant from the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for reliably move to San Francisco to get his medical degree, she was at the University California, where she discovers a community of makers, who shared his passion for technical solutions to complex problems. In tandem with clinical training, Connie, a number of companies in Silicon Valley who are just started, smartphones should use to discuss increasing improvement of health care – remember what was already in place since years in Africa. After the intuitions that you had abroad, they begin a partnership with several serial entrepreneur including Stephanie Tilenius, a former Google executive and eBay to a new company, the life that – you guessed it – puts phone operators Mobile physican and not to individual health center. Last month, the company announced that $ 5 million Series A venture capital.

The service provides an easy-going support so patients not only their health during visits to the office of a physician, but también in between. For the price of a typical insurance co-pay $ 15 a week, the patient is paired with a health coach for video chat consultations, SMS, and the old standby, the phone is call.Vida a matchmaker of sorts – their algorithm connects with the best coach of experts to your health goals and personality that offers support and advice to life through the application.

This is virtually the same as critics who is a guardian angel on your shoulder. Hundreds of coaches over twenty specialty life of patients around the world who are currently working, Vida has its own business management platform patent pending care that each trainer allows you to work with hundreds of patients at the same time, while at the same time a very personal touch, built much the way a support or CRM software vendor technician uses parallel conversations at the same time with different customers. Coaches are also armed with an extensive library of clinical programs based on evidence in a variety of disease states. As with other services markets as Uber, Airbnb and oDesk in primary trainers are paid to be on call for the patient, but it can be done without restrictions – from their own homes or offices.

PLUS As Soros Fellows, Connie noticed in her high school to see how increasing merge their experience in clinical medicine, technology and business life in America and elsewhere to improve. The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship program with a budget of over $ 90 million selects candidates for tuition and fees to cover more than two years. The winners of the scholarships show promise of achieving the remarkable things still need to eat a family of immigrants or immigrants themselves, with a commitment to core American values. Helped generations of immigrants, country of ours. ESTA You and your connective tissue children este esta countries. Connie is just one example of how tradition esta advance. And Soros Fellowship will help make your dreams.